Kabuki Signature Bumpers

Weight: 230LB Set (4x 45lb + 2x 25lb)

The Best Pro Bumpers in the Iron Game

We've partnered with American Barbell to use their Urethane Pro Series line for this iconic signature design. These plates are universally lauded as the highest quality bumper plates on the market (even Coop @ GarageGymReviews agrees).


Low Bounce, High Class

Kabuki Signature Series Bumper Plates are all durability, good looks, and superior quality. Made of the highest-grade German urethane, these bumper plates sport the iconic Kabuki squat face and signature branding molded onto an eye-pleasing, high-contrast plate surface.


Setting The Standard

Kabuki Strength is proud to be one of only a few companies on the market to offer German urethane bumper plates. When compared to standard rubber plates, the urethane bumper plate sets an incomparable quality standard marked by minimal bounce and superior durability. 


Narrower is Better 

Cut thinner than standard bumper plates, the Signature Series Bumper Plate width allows for more plates to be loaded onto the bar. The 140MM hard chrome hub boasts a solid, one-piece construction featuring a chamfer for easy bar loading and reduced bar sleeve wear.   

Available in 45 lb, 25 lb, and 10 lb full-size bumper plates--all have a 450MM diameter. As always, we don't sell 35 lb plates. 


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