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Make major gains using minimal floorspace with a brand new addition to the Kratos flywheel fitness family, the Kratos Compact. Skip the weight tree, forget the dumbbell rack--the Kratos Compact provides the fitness enthusiast with endless resistance training options in one streamlined unit. Measuring 32 x 32 x 1.5" with a 5.5" wheel and anchor height, the Compact provides everything you need to get a major training stimulus while taking up a third of the space used by a standard power rack.

With a CNC-milled birch base finished in a rich mahogany hue, The Kratos Compact combines high-quality construction with a sleek aesthetic that fits into a variety of settings. From clinical applications to sports training facilities, the patent-pending Kratos Compact is the perfect choice for those looking to harness the power and benefits of flywheel resistance combined with a minimalist, unobtrusive platform. The Compact can be used for movements performed on the vertical plane. Add a cable attachment or utilize the Angles 90 handles included with the Compact to perform a wide variety of movements including squats, bent over rows, upright pulling movements and much more.


The Kratos Compact is a premium-quality flywheel training system that combines the cutting edge of resistance training technology with sleek good looks. Engineered and then assembled using the highest quality American manufacturing, the Compact is the ultimate resistance training solution for home gyms, clinical settings, and beyond. 


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To learn more about how flywheel resistance training works and why it is such an effective metabolic training tool, click the image below. While this product page contains basic information regarding this unique, patent-pending flywheel training system, to get the full experience you'll want to visit our Kratos overview page.




  • This version of the Kratos can hold 2 flywheels
  • The strap can extend up to 10 feet
  • The unit weighs just over 50lb
  • All accessories including selected belt ship separately. 



  1. Floor mount configuration only
    1. Belt Squat Belt OR Front Squat Harness by  Spud (choose one) (sizing)
    2. FREE Angles 90 Grips
    3. Large Flywheel (purchase more here
    4. FREE 2 months of access to Kabuki EDU+ 
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    Hypertrophy Training

    There are many pathways and strategies for stimulating muscle hypertrophy. Of them, mechanical tension, total volume, and metabolic stress are the primary catalysts. The Kratos excels at stimulating metabolic stress under high mechanic tension making it an unconventional yet effective tool for hypertrophy training. The Kratos may be used as a standalone device however it can be a formidable 1:2 punch when combined with traditional barbell, dumbbell or machine training. Traditional methods of training emphasize concentric muscle load to produce an overloading hypertrophy stimulus whereas the Kratos provides an overloading eccentric muscle load. Combining these two types of muscle loads will provide a much greater stimulus than if you were to target a single type.


    Sport Specific Strength Training

    One unique application of the Kratos is in grappling sports such as wrestling, and the various subdivisions of MMA. Combat sports require athletes to resist movement of an opponent. At the physiological level this movement resistance is translated as isometric/eccentric muscle load. Resisting the force of an opponent can be simulated on the Kratos through the overloading action of the flywheel. In practical terms the stored energy in the flywheel feels like a constant force pulling on your body while you are performing exercises. This is far different than a standard cable machine or free weight implement where the load is static.

    An emerging area of study for eccentric overload training is teaching movement deceleration. Deceleration is a primary component to agility and change of direction for field sport athletes. The Kratos may also influence post activation potentiation (PAP) by providing a significant neural response during eccentric overload. Overloading this phase of movement may prime the nervous system before jumping, bounding, or doing other explosive type exercises. This neural priming allows users to express greater power output when external load is removed.



    The ability to change the intensity of the Kratos without having to switch between different machines, bars, or weights makes it a perfect candidate for applying time under tension training techniques. By using variable load management, you can effectively perform very hard total body exercises over a longer period of time. To do this with traditional implements you would need to combine different dumbbells, bars, or machines to effectively scale load. The benefit of the Kratos is the ability to sustain continuous work without taking time to transition to different implements or weights. This will lead to higher training density which should be a primary goal of anyone who wants to improve their conditioning. Greater training density ultimately means your time in the gym will be spent efficiently.


    Rehabilitation and Recovery

    When it comes to exercise intervention during rehab and recovery scaling load is one of the first variables strength coaches and clinical experts will adjust. A unique advantage the Kratos has is letting the user adjust load based on effort and how challenging they feel the stimulus is. This is more of an agile approach to scaling exercise load than traditional fixed training implements such as barbells and dumbbells. Specific case studies involving lower back injuries show benefit of the Kratos to re-introduce load by limiting the total axial force through the spine. Other unique strategies include reintroducing load to tendons without relying on excessive amounts of concentric muscular action. Because the Kratos overloads the eccentric portion of movement users are able to target connective tissues post injury with much higher eccentric loading than would be possible with barbells, machines, or dumbbells.



     Belt Squat Sizing


    • Small (45" long, 3.5" wide)
    • Medium (45" long, 5.5" wide)
    • Regular (54" long, 5.5" wide)


    Front Squat Harness Sizing


    • Small (80-150lbs)
    • Large (150-225lbs)
    • XL (225-325lbs)
    • XXL (350lbs +)



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      12 month warranty; not including wear items (bearings, straps, pulleys). Warranty does not include any cosmetic blemishes that could result from use or damage from misuse.


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      No instructions on set up

      1 star seems like a cruel first review but when you purchase a $1400 product and there are no instructions on how to set it up that is laziness on the company’s end. I tried to figure it out on my own and had a small thin rod pop out of the pulley. I am not happy.