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Kroc Loadable Dumbbell

Finish: Nickel
Sleeve Length: Regular


When we had Janae Kroc come down to visit our team at the Lab and get in a sick training session with Chris Duffin, we knew we had to do something special on a collaboration. Inspired by Janae's insane feats of strength - especially the legendary Kroc Row with up to 300lbs - we set out to make a loadable DB of sufficient sleeve length so she wouldn't have to use a 36" threaded pipe to have enough room for plates (seriously).


Like our barbells, these high quality DBs are manufactured in-house using American steel by skilled Kabuki machinists, fabricators, and technicians on high-tech CNC machines. 



  • New orders ship in 1-3 business days
  • Kabuki Loadable DBs have among the longest loadable sleeves on the market and are available in regular length (7.5" sleeves) and the official Kroc handle (10.5" sleeves)
  • Finished in Premium Nickel or available as a raw, beautifully machined Bare Steel finish
  • Sold individually. 
  • Features our signature end-caps and a special Kroc end cap (see below)


Janae Marie Kroc

We are honored and thankful to partner with legendary strength athlete and bodybuilder Janae Marie Kroc to offer the official Kroc Handle, named after and inspired in length by Janae's legendary and famous Kroc Rows.





Finish Options

Kroc Loadable DBs are available in two finishes, a beautiful bare steel and a premium, high-corrosion resistance nickel finish.



Bare Steel bars maintain the truest feeling of the raw machined material. Over time they develop a beautiful deep blue/grey patina that can last for generations with minimal maintenance. Depending on how humid your environment is, we recommend regularly brushing down your bare steel DBs to clean them and applying a light coat of oil to prevent corrosion. 


Nickel is our more premium plating option, and is typically used in engineering applications where high-wear, corrosion resistance, and hardness are needed. It is a beautiful, soft gold finish that is extremely durable and will retain its warm, mirror smooth polish for years to come.


Sleeve Length

Available in two lengths, "Regular" and "Kroc", the Kabuki Loadable DB is among the longest of any on the market. Even our Regular length (coming in at 7.5" loadable sleeve length) is longer than most loadables on the market. The Kroc version is on a whole other level, with a whopping 10.5" of loadable sleeve (about 65% of a standard barbell).


You'll have to do you own math to determine how much weight you can fit on the sleeves, and it will of course vary depending on how thick your 10s or 25s are. But let's just say we got 10x pretty fat 25s on the Kroc's with no issue.



Custom End Caps

Like all of our barbells, this loadable dumbbell features the coolest end caps in the iron game. The regular version includes a metal stamped end cap with our squat face icon and the 15lb weight of the empty dumbbell.


The Kroc includes a laser-engraved custom design with Janae in the middle of a 300lb row and a minimum load rating (please respect this). The Kroc's empty weight is it doesn't matter. 



American Manufacturing, Kabuki Quality

We take pride in producing the highest-quality barbells and strength equipment in the world, bar-none. Pun intended. Our small team is located at a joint manufacturing-training facility called Kabuki Strength Lab in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where we invest, design, engineer, test, and manufacture all the Kabuki products you've come to know and love with passion and purpose. Learn more about us and our "why".


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