Slant Board

Want to amp up your leg days? Boost your squat? Make your quads massive? Utilizing a Slant Board in your training can be a great way to supercharge your lower body lifting. We've teamed up with Slant Board to bring you this Kabuki Signature branded, leg-building tool that looks sharp in any training space.  

Slant Board's durable design is perfect for anyone looking to challenge their bodies and emphasize the quadriceps during a variety of strength training movements. 

The slant board is constructed with structural wood using Slant Board's own center support system so it is durable and can withstand heavy weights.  The surface is covered with high-grip anti-slip tape to ensure maximum stability while using the device. 

Using the Slant Board to perform heel-elevated squatting and lunge variations is an excellent way to target the VMO muscle. The VMO is an integral component to knee stability, and many lifters find it difficult to isolate and load this muscle effectively. 

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  • Compact, practical and convenient to have at home or in any gym setting.
  • Constructed with structural wood with Slant Board's center support system, the Slant Board is built to withstand over 800 pounds of load.
  • Top surface covered in high-quality anti-slip tape.
  • 30° slant angle.
  • Measures 50 x 32 x 15 cm.