The Eagle and the Dragon - Signed Copy

Type: Signed Paperback
Edition: 1st Edition

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Whatever has happened to you, it is not who you are.

The world may know Chris Duffin as “The Mad Scientist of Strength,” but you wouldn’t have ever guessed that if you saw the scrawny kid skinning rattlesnakes and chasing dragonflies in the early ‘80s. The story of his unconventional life will take you from gripping tales of murder, trauma, heartbreak, and survival deep in the Pacific Northwest wilderness all the way to an idealization of the self-made man—still flawed, but never broken.

In The Eagle and the Dragon, you’ll follow one man’s journey into the darkness of his own heart and witness the transformation of alcoholism, pain, and defeat into vision, character, and victory. Through Chris’s powerful self-realization, you’ll see how the human spirit can be either shackled by circumstance or freed from it. 

Strength and Reinvention: the Eagle and the Dragon. Are you ready to walk through the fire and make your vision a reality?

This book will show you how.



"If ConanCinderellaClash of the Titans, and The Jungle Book had a baby, maybe, just maybe you'd create the incredible story contained within The Eagle and The Dragon."
--Dr. Kelly Starrett2x NYT bestselling author and cofounder of Mobility|WOD 

"There's fighting for competition and there's fighting for survival. Chris Duffin overcame homelessness and numerous insurmountable obstacles in this compelling story of his journey to become a world champion and pioneer in his field."
--Chael SonnenUFC professional fighter, promoter, analyst 

"When Helen Keller was asked 'What would be worse than being born blind?' she replied, 'The only thing worse than being blind is to have sight without vision.' Read this book if you want to find a vision for your life."
--Mike O'Hearn4x Mr. Universe, hall of famer, actor, TV personality 

"Chris is living proof that circumstance is no match for the power of will."
--Dave Tateauthor, writer, founder of EliteFTS, Inc.


"This inspirational biography is unique. It has enormous validity. Author Chris Duffin built himself into a strength athlete able to do things that no other man has, using science and an iron will. And he can write! The book had me cheering him on, page by page. And in the end he gives the reader a gift - he asks some tough questions that he has earned the right to ask. How you answer will provide a calibration of your own life."

--Dr. Stuart McGillleading spine biomechanist, professor, researcher


About the Author

Chris Duffin is the cofounder and chief engineer at Kabuki Strength, an organization devoted to optimizing human performance and making the world a better place through strength. He previously worked as a corporate executive and has turned around automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, and high-tech manufacturing industries. 

Chris was previously ranked number one in the world in various powerlifting disciplines and has held numerous world records. Now retired, he is known for his industry-changing innovations and education in the strength and clinical worlds. He's a leading speaker on topics related to strength and human movement, and performs insane feats of strength to help charities and organizations whose work he believes in.

    Customer Reviews

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    Fine book, but traribleb shipping time took over two months for it to make to my door

    Set aside sometime to read it, you won’t be able to set it down.

    There is no way I can put into words how much I recommend this book. I believe everyone can benefit from reading this book. Whether you are a strength athlete trying to reach your next PR or not an athlete at all, there is something in this book to benefit everyone who picks it up to read.

    Sergio Monteiro
    Inspirational and entertaining

    This is the first time I formally review a book. I hope I can transmit my honest feelings regarding Duffins work even though Im not doing it in my mother language. Before anything else, if you dont know Chris Duffins resum, I encourage you to do a quick search before moving on.
    Chris proposed himself, in writing this book, to accomplish yet another difficult task: to convince the reader of its intrinsic ability to be better. Needless to say, hes not the first one; however, when teaching by example, his message goes to a new level.
    This book evolves in a linear timeline, following Chris from his childhood until now. Duffin does an outstanding job in telling his stories in an entertaining fashion, whilst embedding them with the desired lessons.
    This books power lies on its veracity. There is no point unproven and it is so much easier to accept and embrace the lessons when the author himself is the outcome of the explored concepts. And, despite Duffins unusual upbringing and career path, I believe the message transmitted is broad and can be easily translated to our different contexts.
    I strongly recommend you to give this book a try. Its an easy and fast read, entertaining, inspirational and educational. Additionally, I also encourage you to follow Duffin on social media and see for yourself his feats of strength, entrepreneurial developments and now motivational role as a speaker and author.

    Adam Skelly
    Not defined, but shaped by our experiences.

    The biggest takeaway from this book was to hold myself to a higher standard. Like Chris, I've had a life ripe with traumatic experiences. Unlike Chris, I have not done the inner work- turning these experiences into lessons, and creating a foundation going forward. This book will surely serve as a guide for me and others as we continue on the road of self improvement.

    Absolutely Inspiring!

    I first became aware of Chris Duffin when a colleague of mine sent me a link from his instagram and said I need to follow this guy. I have been intrigued and inspired not only by his feats of physical strength, but his philanthropic work and all his giving back to the community. So when I had the opportunity to read his biography, I jumped at the chance. Boy was I not disappointed! Chris demonstrates that the arc of your life is not pre-determined by the circumstances of your birth. He does this in a very open and honest style without hyperbole and without any self-righteous bluster. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for the inspiration to change anything in their lives.