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#GrandGoals is a double-edged sword, for most of us the meaning of grand goals can universally apply to those big dreams and goals we aim to achieve in life. For Chris Duffin, it stands for that as well as a goal he set out to accomplish of deadlifting and squatting 1000 pounds as the lightest man in history ever to do so. This post and compilation video follows along as he discusses details relating to training leading into the 1000lb deadlift attempt. Make sure to subscribe to Chris’ YouTube channel and FB/IG pages and follow along! 

Reflecting on what has been accomplished over the course of this training cycle its pretty incredible to see what I’ve pushed through.  Here is the tail end of the last several weeks of the training cycle over-layed with a discussion by Coach Brandon and myself.  We touch on the approach used over the last 6 months to give you and understanding of the process.  Future articles detailing the specifics of these approaches will be released in the coming months as well by both of us. We have been collecting data along this whole process and are working to come up with a unified approach and article describing the unique training methods and programming decisions we made with the #GrandGoals training plan. Please enjoy the video and don’t be afraid to share.  The training itself is pretty epic as noted in the title, but the value in the information shared will be of incredible benefit.  This video also articulates the value of a coach and the iterative approach to developing and managing a training plan between a coach and an athlete, something oft forgotten in today’s age of “internet coaches”. Enjoy and stay strong!