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Chris Duffin, world renowned powerlifter and coach, is this week’s featured guest on the podcast.

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Chris is an elite level powerlifter, coach, inventor, owner of Elite Performance Center, and founder of KabukiStrength.com. His goal is to inspire and motivate men to chase their dreams despite adversity – to think bigger, dream bigger, and BE bigger and stronger than they’ve ever thought possible.

His most recent endeavor – Kabuki.ms – is an innovative new web tool for learning and coaching proper movement patterns.

I’m excited to talk with Chris today about his approach to training, coaching, and the movement principles that have become the foundation for his new online coaching tool, Kabuki.ms.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this week’s amazing episode:

• Chris explains why he’s called “The Mad Scientist of Strength”
• Getting technical with evidence based training
• Chris discusses where his movement and rehab principles come from
• Understanding the body’s operating principles so you can find out what’s driving your injuries
• Incorporating autoregulation principles into your volume and intensity
• Why profiling the speed of your lifts is important
• Chris’s approach to training clients all around the world
• The importance of having a long term vision
• How to get clarity with your vision
• Prioritizing what is important to you and understanding who you want to be
• How Chris overcame adversity and become a pillar of strength
• You create who you are, not the sum of your experiences!
• Slow, long, incremental steps over time is where the opportunity lies
• Chris explains his shift from a corporate executive to full time athlete and coach
• The biggest mistakes people make with the squat and deadlift
• Coaching cues for optimal spine position
• Paying attention to the “The 6th Month Rule”
• How to strengthen, stabilize and remove shoulder pain with the ShouldeRök™
• The differences between the ShouldeRök™ and Indian Clubs
• Understand the WHY behind everything you do
• How to prioritize what’s important and remove the junk from your life
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