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As rehab from hemicap surgery continues, I want to give a shout out to PT, Jim Cavin, LMT, Jim Freda and my long time training partner, John Hare for their programming, encouragement and “hands on” work to get the shoulder to a point of getting under the bar again. My initial bench work was with the Bandbell Bamboo bar with light suspended plates and high reps (3×50). In this video, we are using the Thompson Fat Pad for better shoulder support and the Duffalo Bar by #KabukiStrength for better shoulder joint centration. With the bar loaded to 147 lbs. we are using a two board to reduce the extended range of motion normally afforded by the Duffalo Bar. The goal is to take the Duffalo Bar to the chest as my ROM improves. The proprietary bends in the Duffalo Bar took away all the shoulder pain that I experienced just three days prior benching with a straight bar loaded to just 105lbs. At Kabuki Strength we encourage the use of the Duffalo Bar as a primary training bar for squatting and benching to reduce the strain on the shoulder. As you can see here it is also an excellent shoulder rehab tool.