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By James Breese – February 28, 2015

Strength Matters Whiskey

Episode 34.

In this episode, Seb and Josh interview Chris Duffin, which has to be one of the most inspiring background stories we’ve ever shared. Words cannot do it justice…. so here’s a brief background on Chris and then we highly recommend listening to this gem of an episode…

Chris is an accomplished powerlifter, coach, and gym owner. He is the world record holder for the raw squat in the 220lb class. He also holds a Guinness World Record for the most weight deadlifted in one minute at 17,010 pounds (42 reps of 405lbs). Chris Duffin is the head coach and co-owner of Elite Performance Center in Portland, Oregon.

SMP 34: Whiskey & Deadlifts With Chris Duffin

Unlike many powerlifers and strength athletes, Chris is also enthralled with all things related to conditioning, nutrition, and supplementation. He is known for his detailed coaching and ability to provide immediate gains for his athletes.

It is not a surprise with Chris’s attention to detail and perfectionism that he is also an academic nerd with an engineering degree and a master’s degree in business administration. Many of Chris’s coaching skills and high expectations that push people past their self-imposed limits have made him successful in the business world as well. To support the growth of his training facility, Chris’s full-time employment is as the general manager of an aerospace manufacturing company.



Find out all about Chris is epic background story
His research and findings on Whiskey & Deadlifts
His work with Ed Coan
Plus a LOT more…

Listen to Podcast.