Kabuki Strength
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  • Introduction and background of the guest [00:37]
  • Jeff shares his inspiration behind the non-profit “Raise the Bar” [03:10]
  • Removing the misconception that being athletic leads to success in powerlifting [3:31]
  • Jeff provides more details about his foundation which has the noble cause of helping less privileged children [4:48]
  • Jeff talks about his experience at a rehab clinic right after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks [7:34]
  • Learn how exercising helped Jeff crawl back from self-depression [9:40]
  • Looking at Jeff’s career path and what ultimately led to his success [14:09]
  • Jeff talks about his other company, the “HL Gym Design and Management group” [16:11]
  • Discussing the importance of humbleness and integrity for achieving success in business [22:12]
  • Jeff talks about “Metaphor of the Saw mill” which inspired him to grow [26:20]
  • Learn to work under any conditions in order to achieve desired results [26:57]
  • Should achieving validation and fame be your end goal as a trainer? [30:59]
  • Learn how investing wisely can help you produce better results [33:22]
  • Discussing Jeff’s speech on National Epidemic of Obesity [36:21]
  • Discussing the significance of a broader view in comparison to a mercantile mentality [40:31]
  • Jeff’s advice for aspiring beginners [42:51]
  • Jeff’s final takeaway: “Depression exists in the past, anxiety in the future, happiness and peace in the present.” [47:35]
  • Jeff shares his contact information [48:46]