Kabuki Strength
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  • Introduction and background of the guest [0:33]
  • Jordan shares details about his velocity measurement products and how it compares to other devices in the market [3:12]
  • Jordan talks about the factors that led to the creation of his device, the V1; learn how V2 has improved over V1 [7:29]
  • Defining auto-regulation, and comparing it to velocity measurement [10:22]
  • Jordan shares how he tests different profiles [12:27]
  • What are the factors that affect 1RM velocity? We discuss training age and height [15:07]
  • Is it possible to come up a matrix that can accurately predict One-Rep Max?  [16:08]
  • Discussing the relation of velocity to percentage of One-Rep Max, and how this enables the use of most current data [19:41]
  • Can you make reliable decisions based on velocity based data? [25:21]
  • Discussing range of motion and analyzing its effect when fatigue accumulates [27:30]
  • Jordan talks about the process of collecting qualitative data from velocity based training [32:06]
  • Jordan shares details about the SNS Barbell Facility [40:23]
  • Jordan shares his contact information [41:15]