Kabuki Strength
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  • Introduction and background of the guest [00:46]
  • Evan talks about his background and how he got into strength conditioning [2:41]
  • Learn how Evan managed to fight and overcome cancer and in the process, inspire athletes [08:40]
  • Methods to bring about mental toughness in athletes [15:37]
  • Evan shares how he manages the hundreds of athletes and their coaching schedules [20:29]
  • Does Evan believe in structuring position specific training? [25:43]
  • Evan shares how he goes about with the data collection process [26:37]
  • Learn how training evolves over winter, spring and summer sessions [28:00]
  • What does Evan think of athletes venturing into private sector for training during down time? [32:06]
  • Evan’s role in the training process and how he collaborates with the Head Coach [34:21]
  • Evan talks about his time at Davidson [38:29]
  • What does the general career path look like for a strength coach? [41:45]
  • Evan talks about his experience with tempering equipment [43:45]
  • How does Evan’s training program help athletes reach newer heights? [47:37]
  • Does Evan change his training method differ for a superstar athlete and an average athlete [50:24]
  • Evan’s advice for people looking to enter the field of SNC [53:40]