Kabuki Strength
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  • Introduction and background of the guest [1:28]
  • The origins of YAP and the philosophy behind it [4:03]
  • The clinical process behind YAP; Phillip shares how he handles client issues using the YAP methodology [12:08]
  • Phillip shares how he uses the skin rolling technique [14:00]
  • Does manual therapy have to be painful in order to be effective? [15:50]
  • Learn how “Yapping” helps relieve you from joint pains [21:03]
  • Phillip explains as to why you feel weakness in the area subjected to yapping [26:05]
  • Is yapping safe to use? Does it need more investigation? [29:28]
  • Phillip shares how his treatment for back pain evolved over the years [34:03]
  • Discussing the fearful mind set which prevents athletes from maintaining a neutral spine position during lifting [37:46]
  • We talk about the increased chances of injury when maintaining improper movement [42:45]
  • Phillip talks about his sports background [45:14]
  • Phillip shares his contact details [48:12]