Kabuki Strength
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  • Introduction and background of the guest [00:30]
  • Educating listeners about the right way to perform the sequences
  •  [02:09]
  • Stuart shares information about his books, “Back Mechanics” and “Ultimate Back Fitness” [04:16]
  • Stuart talks about the professional athletes and celebrities he’s spent time with [08:02]
  • Identifying the genesis of back pain [12:08]
  • Stuart shares his future plans [13:55]
  • Learn how to train and guide an individual and set him for progress [15:06]
  • Learning to gauge an athlete’s capacity [17:14]
  • Dealing with and removing deficiencies [19:00]
  • Learn how squatting was done in the old days [21:50]
  • Highlighting the misconceptions about range of motions [24:20]
  • Explaining the mechanics of the body on injury resilience and flexible movement [25:37]
  • We discuss about the “Big Three” exercises [28:54]
  • We learn a few things about the “Bird Dog” exercise [30:06]
  • A look into the American philosophy overdoing warm-up exercises [31:35]
  • Discussing neurocharge as a physical or mental exercise [34:42]
  • Learn about neurodrive; especially relevant for patients with back pain [38:01]
  • Discussing the utilization of technological tools and muscle movements to further enhance neurodrives [42:45]
  • We get an insight into Stuart’s training while growing up [45:39]
  • Stuart shares information about this 2017 schedule [49:34]