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Strength Chat #20: Donnie Thompson

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This week’s guest is none other than Mr. 3000 himself, Donnie “Super D” Thompson. Know as the first person in history to total 3000 pounds in the Big 3 powerlifts, Donnie has made a name for himself in recent years as an innovator and educator when it comes to strength and human movement. That may sound familiar, as it’s something we’re known for as well. In this episode we cover “Body Tempering” or Donnie’s name for his instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization method, as well as lifting, life, and the industry as it stands. A great episode not to be missed by anyone!

  • Make sure to check out Donnie’s website here. You may purchase his Bow Tie on Rogue Fitness and IASTM products can be found on our store here!
  • Introduction and background of guest [00:50]
  • We talk about the state of affairs in college sports and professional sports [02:01]
  • Donnie talks about avoiding injury without compromising on your gains [02:27]
  • Discussing Donnie’s impressive collaboration with physical therapists [03:38]
  • We talk about the recent fad where people blindly follow so called strength “coaches” on social media [05:39]
  • Learn about the high rate of injuries among high school athletes and the common problems faced by them [07:19]
  • Discussing the unimpressive standards of strength coaches in high school [11:32]
  • Donnie shares more details about his “Body tempering” method, also called assisted soft tissue mobilization method [16:01]
  • We delve into ankle strengthening and explain why it is so important for athletics [18:12]
  • Understanding the science behind body tempering; we draw parallels to thumb rolling [21:42]
  • Learn about the concept of tissue diffusion and how it relates to body tempering [23:49]
  • Common protocols used by Donnie for body tempering [26:47]
  • We talk about laying rollers across the spine for addressing kyphosis and scoliosis – find out how this can straighten T spines and improve posturing [28:25]
  • Should you opt for straightening after body tempering? [29:31]
  • Find out more about Donnie Thomson’s famous bow tie which will help your posturing [30:49]
  • Learn about Chris Duffin’s Duffalo bar and how it can get you squatting again [36:00]
  • Donnie shares how he has experimented over the years and his militant focus on performance [38:36]
  • Find out how you can address elbow pain by throttling the tricep [41:03]
  • Donnie shares his contact information [42:28]