Kabuki Strength
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  • Introduction and background of the guest [00:45]
  • Quinn shares details about the Clinical Athlete [01:07]
  • We get some insights into Progressive Resistance Training [5:52]
  • Quinn shares what inspired him to become a clinician [07:33]
  • Quinn talks about the important factors that helped him kick-start his career [10:17]
  • Hacks for athletes to achieve improved performance [13:30]
  • Learn how remodelling deep thigh fascia can render sensory inputs on the individual’s brain [15:10]
  • Discussing the periods where applying external loads will lead to shift in sensory perception [16:20]
  • Learn why training an athlete in a remedial position while applying stress leads to reduced benefit [26:30]
  • Bringing about awareness through assessment while doing squats [29:40]
  • Learn about the benefits of warming up before squatting [30:42]
  • Importance of doing your warm ups with purpose and intent [31:48]
  • Discussing the various benefits of the goblet squat [34:00]
  • Quinn shares how he draws and benefits from research studies in various areas [36:27]
  • Quinn talks about the likelihood that we will go back to the basics [38:30]
  • Learning loading progressions so as to prevent tissue injury [39:11]
  • Can you rely on models that predict future injury? [42:54]
  • Getting the all-important athlete buy in [44:26]
  • Quinn shares his contact information [47:00]