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Strength Chat #45: Roundtable Q&A

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The strength and fitness industry has for too long been dominated by overly-tan, annoyingly-loud YouTube celebrities with less than factual content, aka broscience. Tune in to Strength Chat – hosted by a group of Coaches and Athletes with over 60 years of combined experience – as they talk fact, science, and strength with world-renowned strength, conditioning, and rehab professionals.

  • Defining upper back tightness [05:30]
  • Recommended exercise for strengthening the upper back [06:38]
  • Reasons for doing a higher number of reps [09:25]
  • Upper back strength and tightness for squats [10:29]
  • Importance of using your lateral muscles while exercising your upper back [11:04]
  • Point at which volume becomes detrimental to motor patterns for squats for beginner and advanced lifters [11:50]
  • Learning to relax is the right way to work out your shoulder and make it a powerful tool [14:32]
  • Will using the shoulder rock fix poor posture and shoulder impingement? [17:43]
  • Discussing the importance of variability of posture [19:53]
  • The best assistance exercises for squats [21:12]
  • Applications of reactive neuromuscular training [25:21]
  • Dealing with hip pain issues in squat exercises [27:35]
  • Check out the tutorial on squat issues by logging on to www.kabuki.ms [27:52]
  • Best way to switch from a conventional to a sumo dead lift [29:57]
  • Shifting weights on the balls while squatting [36:13]
  • Comparing sumo and conventional deadlifts [39:11]
  • The effect of excessive deadlifting on your squatting exercises [40:58]
  • Typical per day protein and calorie consumption for a powerlifter [41:35]
  • Purpose of doing no handed front squats during deadlifts [43:05]
  • Ideal caffeine consumption for a powerlifter [45:07]
  • Best way to strengthen your hook grip [47:46]
  • Discussing whether chin-ups are better than rows or vice versa [48:18]
  • We share details about upcoming videos and other resources [49:46]