Kabuki Strength
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  • Introduction and background of the guest [00:40]
  • Justin shares with listeners his passion for running [05:08]
  • Training similarities between running and powerlifting [8:22]
  • Justin’s shares his views on peripheral nerve sensitization; learn why skin rolling is so effective for treating pain. [10:51]
  • Understanding the superficial fascia region is critical for treating pain [16:00]
  • Using the boomstick for body tempering and maximizing the effect of the tissue system [23:00]
  • Origins of Justin’s YAP technique [27:14]
  • Justin shares some information about his forthcoming book and webinar [29:29]
  • Get information about Justin’s YAP technique on his website and Facebook group [30:35]
  • Justin talks about his “skinrolling” movement and how it differs from the standard approach [31:34]
  • Justin shares some of the thoughts schools and gurus from whom his treatment strategies and techniques are inspired [35:43]
  • Learn how Justin conducts his CAP [Clinical Audit Process] [37:16]
  • How does Justin implement manual therapy? [40:32]
  • What is the most gratifying part of Justin’s profession? [44:31]