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  • Introduction and background of the guest [0:44]
  • Patrick talks about his sports analytics role at the Seattle Seahawks [5:28]
  • What are the main duties of a sports scientist? [06:14]
  • Discussing the criticality for sifting through mountains of data and collecting the important, relevant nuggets [08:20]
  • The need for coming up with your own thresholds to decipher sports data accurately [12:20]
  • Tools used to measure external training loads and internal loads [15:32]
  • The correlation between heart rate variability and an athlete’s perception his wellness [18:15]
  • The wisdom of reporting sports analysis in a simple, non-complex manner for improved performance [19:22]
  • Patrick talks about how he relies on social science more than sport science [24:23]
  • Can you predict sports outcome on the health side based on the data that is collected? [29:29]
  • What are some factors that determine sports outcome? We talk about stress tolerance and fitness condition [31:11]
  • Being vigilant of the fact that athletes are prone to lying which renders questionnaire based systems and hence the corresponding data erroneous [34:42]
  • Difference in athlete developmental strategies in the US compared to countries such as UK and Australia [38:34]
  • Learn how Patrick attempts to understand the challenging sporting demands of football [41:15]
  • Resources to learn about data collection and analysis [43:55]
  • Patrick shares his contact information [48:45]