Kabuki Strength
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  • Introduction and background of the guest [00:30]
  • Travis talks about his book, “Dad Strong: Efficient Strength Training for Busy Dads” [2:02]
  • Make fitness a priority instead of resorting to excuses [02:44]
  • Travis shares details about this coaching schedule [06:48]
  • Compartmentalizing in order to quicken and make more efficient the coaching process [09:00]
  • Avoiding “floppy” backs and creating tension around spine is critical for fitness training [11:34]
  • Discussing how load is a such a great teacher; avoid shying away from heavy loads in a bid to retain smooth movement [14:01]
  • Travis shares how he ended up studying at chiropractic school [19:54]
  • Travis talks about mobilising techniques [24:21]
  • Find out how using shoulder rocks has benefited Travis [27:57]
  • Chris talks about his 1000 pound deadlift [31:10]
  • We talk about the current trend where athletes are prone to sacrificing positions in order to lift higher loads [33:33]
  • Can you create your own auto regulation scale? [34:50]
  • Some factors that can lead to sport injuries: poor movement quality and loading programming [35:51]
  • Comparing and contrasting the two main deadlift types: Touch and go deadlifts and Deadstops [38:11]
  • Learn how you can warm up the right way [44:57]
  • Travis talks about his book and its underlying message: Training with your children [48:11]
  • Travis shares information about his MobilityWOD courses [51:28]