Kabuki Strength
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  • Introduction and background of the guest [00:45]
  • The origins of Acumobility; learn about the concept of active mobilization which kick started Brad’s venture [1:40]
  • Discussing the importance of patterning mobility and stability at the same time [7:00]
  • We talk about movement preparation and explain why it is critical [9:20]
  • How can you come up with the right client program? Find out how the folks at Acumobility can help you [12:48]
  • Brad shares information about his forthcoming online certification portal [13:58]
  • The need for clinicians to collaborate with strength coaches and trainers [16:13]
  • We talk about the current, frustrating trend of avoiding loads and indulging in excess moment preparation [19:13]
  • Lifestyle patterns that affect your strength training [22:55]
  • We speculate whether strength training can be tailored for a workplace industrial [24:30]
  • We talk about the common tendency to ignore movement quality and rely on gym equipment such as belts [26:11]
  • Can long hours of driving affect your strength training by affecting your movement? Brad suggests a great hack for improving your posture [27:43]
  • Learn about Topo shoes and how it can help enhance ankle and foot mechanics [36:10]
  • Chris explains how they, at Kabuki strength analyze and correct movement [37:40]
  • Learn why Chris makes his client deadlift without shoes during assessment and reviews [40:22]
  • A comparison between barefoot training and training with shoes [43:03]
  • Brad shares his contact information [46:54]