Kabuki Strength
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  • Introduction and background of the guest [00:46]
  • A recap into how Kalle kicked off his career with Starting Strongman [1:24]
  • Insight into the Strongman sport [7:01]
  • We talk about how crossfit has led to increased interest in the Strongman sport [9:16]
  • Kalle shares how he gets novices started off with the Strongman sport [12:14]
  • Learn why the non-standardized nature of strongman renders it a more complex sport compared to powerlifting [12:56]
  • Discussing how the Strongman sport requires athleticism as opposed to being strength [16:38]
  • Kalle shares his strategies on reviewing deficiencies and discusses way to address them [18:07]
  • Kalle shares how he approaches online training programs [24:07]
  • Typical training program of an intermediate level Strongman [27:03]
  • Comparing and contrasting training differences of a Strongman and a Powerlifter with regards to aerobic aspects [31:43]
  • Is it possible to train for Strongman in a crossfit gym or in a commercial setting? [34:07]
  • Easing novices into the Strongman sport [36:57]
  • Advice for fitness trainers that don’t have the necessary tools at their disposal to start training for Strongman [40:08]
  • Find more about Strongman via the YouTube channel, Starting Strongman or the Strongtalk podcast [42:27]