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Strongman Coaching

$250.00 / month with a 2-week free trial



Strongman training built to any level of equipment access and skill level: Our coaching will provide methods of training and preparing for events that one might not have access to with the specialized strongman equipment. All training is built with the individual’s skill level, set up, and equipment access in mind. Our end goal is to make training easy to set up and execute so you can focus on getting strong.

Technique improvement to maximize your unique leverages and strengths for each event: Our coaching specializes in technical guidance via video feedback with personal consideration to your unique body type and structure. This careful consideration of technique is used to maximize each person’s strengths in various strongman events.

Focus on a well-rounded strength athlete through diverse training methods: Our coaching aims to prepare our athletes not only for maximal strength but muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, and general athleticism. One can expect no stone left unturned in seeking out to be the complete package as a strength athlete. For our competitive strength athletes this means better results throughout a wider array of strongman events resulting in higher points and placings.

Specific contest day preparation: Our coaching is unique in the vast experience of strongman competitions under our belt. Under our guidance one can expect improvement in contest strategy, mental and physical preparation as well as general preparedness for the unexpected that is commonplace in strongman. We pride ourselves in walking the walk and helping you do the same with the best competitive mindset possible.

Long term planning to maximize your strength career: Our coaching strives to better prepare the strongman competitor for a long career or participation with attention to exercise variation, injury prevention and developing work capacity. Our goal is to keep you strong for a long time and continue to make progress year after year regardless of competition schedule or training age.

A Community of Strength: Our coaching is more than just coaching it is a team environment aimed at creating a community of individuals all looking to get strong. Wherever you are currently in your strength journey we are more than happy to help you be the strongest you can be.

Athlete Dashboard: This is where you submit your training plan, videos, and any other feedback each week. You’ll also have links to our video library, Facebook group, and your Coaches calendar so you can schedule phone or Skype calls whenever you’d like.

100% Individualized Training Plan: No stone is left unturned in our initial assessment. We look at movement quality, injury history, available equipment, days you want to train, sleep habits, hydration, and many other factors. All of this information comes together in your training plan specifically for you.

Exclusive Benefits + 50% Off Courses: As a client you will get half-off pricing for any Kabuki Strength educational course taking place throughout the year in various locations. Course registration fees range from $500 to $650 so the savings are substantial. Clients also receive a free Lab gym membership and access to discount codes for equipment, apparel, or other products in our store. You will also receive a $75 discount on FLEX Optical VBT Sensor units for those interested in utilizing Velocity Based Training as part of their training plan.


Strongman coaching at Kabuki Strength is aimed at improving the athlete’s ability in core strongman events and non-traditionally loaded movements while providing a general strength training base. This program is ideal for seasoned competitors, beginners to the sport, or individuals who want variety beyond barbells, machines, and other common training implements. Athletes who enter Strongman coaching can expect their program to address weaknesses through proper exercise selection, individualized cuing, and biomechanics improvement backed by the Kabuki Movement System.

A unique aspect of Kabuki Strongman coaching is athletes do not need a huge arsenal of Strongman event equipment in order to be successful. We adapt every strongman movement to fit the equipment you have available and make recommendations for new equipment in order to improve your setup. The success of this program is found through consistent feedback between coach and athlete to fine tune form and understanding of unique Strongman events. Included weekly check ins with video analysis allow for the best care possible of the athlete in preventing common overuse injuries and regulating training to make long-term progress possible.

Our standard of strongman coaching at Kabuki is held high through the guidance of professional Strength Coaches with decades of experience in the unique movements involved in the sport of Strongman. Athletes can expect to take away more than just standard strength coaching from this service. For the competitive athletes there is the knowledge of contest strategy, adapting to unknown events and training to be contest ready without sacrificing athleticism or strength. For those just looking to use strongman events as part of a general strength training program, expectations might include increase in muscle mass and density, improved conditioning, development of “functional” strength, as well as a reduced amount of injuries from training diverse movement patterns.

Like with any of our Kabuki Strength Team coaching services, the Strongman coaching option only works with a belief in our athletes. Athletes who choose Strongman coaching will get a coaching experience that nurtures the idea that the athlete is capable, strong, and resilient. It is from this belief that we find our athletes can best thrive. With Strongman coaching, we are confident that anyone can find a new found level of strength they did not know they possessed.


Here is a great overview video that highlights the primary features and functions of Strongman Coaching with Kabuki Strength.