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By: Don Berry, DC CK FMS SFMA  My Background, I am a Chiropractor and have been in practice for over 26 years I specialize in movement restoration and rehabilitation based on the Neurodevelopmental Model using a variety of Movement Assessment tools that look for Dysfunction. I have been a Martial Artist for 31 years, lots of different styles but primarily Wing Chun Kung Fu. Only in the past few years have I gotten interested in Powerlifting thanks to an introduction to Marty Gallagher from some friends in Kettlebell world.The importance of the background is to bring to light, that I had a lot of tools at my disposal and a lot of great coaches. But, for some reason there was a disconnect between my 4 worlds: Clinical Practice, Martial Arts, Kettlebells and PowerLifting. Chris at the DMS was able to tie all of that up for me and help me end two years of pain and frustration. Part 1: My Shoulder Dislocation and Two Years of Frustration to Recovery I had just set a national record in my age weight class for a raw squat for 420 lbs. My shoulder was a little tight so I planned to keep the bench light and murder the Dead Lift. Unfortunately, my shoulder gave out on the bench at 275 lbs., a weight I could rep for sets of 5 in training. That was it for me that day and for a long time to come. At the time of the injury I was in a bit of pain but mostly in shock as to why this had happened. I really didn’t get the answer to that until just a few weeks ago at the Duffin Movement System certification (More on that later).   The only input I did get was from Kirk Karwoski who said, “Your...

The Duffin Movement Systems A Complete Education on Coaching and Cueing Barbell Movements Based on Operational Mechanics vs Peripheral Observation while Learning to do a Full Movement Assessment and Corrections on the same principals Background on this Approach This is the only complete approach like this being taught. It is not only innovative but grounded in science pulling form multiple disciplines to create this unique system. Chris has been a competitive athlete for 25 years achieving multiple world records and 15 years of coaching.  He has combined that experience with his engineering and continuous learning mindset.  By seeking out and learning directly from some of the best rehab and sports clinicians around that set the course for the rest of the field, he has been able to collaborate, refine, and test this approach over the years. In addition to his own records Chris is an even more successful coach having coached more All-Time Record setting Powerlifters than any other Coach in the world.What you will learn - How to coach and cue the core lifts based on operational mechanics vs peripheral observation - How to use the core lifts as a full movement assessment - How to then apply correction to:Scapular Stabilization Scapular to Core Integration Shoulder and Thoracic Mobility Core Stability (Proper IAP and Breathing Patterns) Glute & Adductor Balance and Core Integration Hip Mobility Bulletproofing the Back or Training with Disc Injuries Safely While Rehabbing- Special exercises for developing weak areas or firing pattern issues. - Mental preparation to achieve success as an athlete, coach, career, and life. - Open Q&A onProgram Organization Velocity Based Training Any other topicsDMS Certification has 2 Phases2 days of intensive hands on training 90 day online course diving deeper than we could ever go in a 2 day weekend  (Certification is not guaranteed)The DMS Certification is for YOU, if...