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Kyle Young is a strength athlete, clinician, and coach at Kabuki Strength. To learn more about Kyle, you can read his bio here. To work with Kyle and our coaching staff, please head over to our coaching page and signup for a free strategy call with a coach, or signup for coaching directly.Listen up--if you have never been in a powerlifting meet but want to, or if you are about to compete in your first--if you have competed, give this top 10 a quick read and see if passing it along can help someone you know.I have competed in a lot of meets over the last 8 years, in a lot of different federations- raw, single ply, and mulit ply. From local to national and, world level meets across the country. Over this time, I have helped, handled, and coached some amazing athletes along with many entry level lifters. Beyond all of this I have dedicated hours upon hours spotting, loading, and running the platform.Why do I bring all this up? I have had the opportunity over the years to gain 3 unique prospectives to provide the advice below. I wish someone would have bestowed some of this info upon me before any of my first meets.As a coach, athlete and spotter/ loader I have seen a lot of cool things and many things that could of went better for the lifter. Now remember before we proceed to the cool stuff. This is not all you should know before showing up. No, I will not give you all of my secretes you have to pay for that!!! However, I have gained a lot of free knowledge over the years and love to give back, so I hope this helps. Please know the rules, lifting commands and if your equipment is...

Conventions, different gyms, flying, driving, funerals, and yes some training as well.  I was able to get all my work in for the week which was quite challenging considering the activities for the week.  But that is how living should be done.  Met some great people, saw sights, and spent quality time with good friends.  Even got some heavy squats in which was not expected nor in the plan of the week either.Click the image below to see the full details of my training as well as the planning approach we use for myself and all our coached athleteshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FImJtlzVNQw...

Its certainly easy to let circumstances get in the way of training.  This las week I was out of town for the first half of the week and then had my kids with me at work the remainder of the week.  Despite the travel and trying to stay caught up on my busy work schedule and entertain the kids I got everything worked in for the most part.Click the image below to see the full details of my training as well as the planning approach we use for myself and all our coached athletes.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dvsHLr5LtE...

This last week marks the first full week of pretty consistent training.  Feeling like I'm finding my groove again with the growing responsibility of expanding Kabuki Strength, personal changes in life, and getting back on training post injury.  Last week I updated my rehab process and now we begin regular updates on training again.Click the image below to see the full details of my training as well as the planning approach we use for myself and all our coached athletes.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xDPr2F1nV8 ...

Recent discussion on where I'm at with training and rehab since my freak accident in May result in multiple muscle tears.  The worst of which was grade 3 tears of the Hamstring Bicep Femorus and the Peronus following a bout of walking Pneumonia.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG2EVF9IxEI...

In the following video I discuss leverages and deadlifting.  A lot of people assume if there is less apparent bar movement that the lifter has some phenomenal leverages allowing them to lift the bar less.  Oftentimes this appearance is a result of refined technique and not leverages.  This is not always the case but simple math of looking at height and the ape index would let you know.  Being that I am both average height with perfectly average ape index, and with refined technique I am a good example to use.  In the video and discussion I review these points and also overlay two videos.   It shows one of those people that wants to blame their poor technique and how much others lift on leverages.  Focusing on excuses instead of their own technique is leaving performance potential on the table for them.  As well as putting them at significant risk for injury.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ByAV1ywDv8 ...

Without a specific plan for training for the week, not wanting to hit any volume because of the cold, and feeling I left some weight on the platform in the cage I pushed the weights heavier than I should have.  While volume was low this week it was quite a demanding week (or two in actuality) that will require me to take it much easier this coming week.  Looking at going into a high frequency deadlift routine on conventional deadlifts starting soon however.  This will be interesting as I have not specifically trained conventional deadlifts for at least a decade and never done them with high frequency.  All in prep for an event coming this fall.  Should be interesting.  ...