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The Mad Scientist of Powerlifting himself, Chris Duffin returns for episode 148 of the PowerCast. Chris has made some dramatic changes to the course of his life since we last saw him. You’re going to want to hear what he has to say about how he made the decision to walk away from a high paying job to develop products and content to help athletes move better and find their true potential. If you think about it, finding his true potential is what drove Chris to make these changes in the first place.Be sure to check out the whole episode, because Chris makes a very special offer for PowerCast listeners.Production note: This is our first shot at the new, multi-cam PowerCast. One camera is slightly potatoed, but we'll get it next time.https://youtu.be/wA3dJLJ-hN4Here is another video from the same couple days at SuperTraining Gym as well.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=273qOKd-lLw&feature=youtu.be...

Well training was pretty damn minimal this week. With all the travel, work, and filming I was struggling to get some good training in.  Lack of sleep really hits me hard and I was struggling with this all week on top of that and after the first couple days realized I essentially wasn't going to get much to any training in.  What you see in the following video is pretty much it.  I had some big lifts but not many of them.On the bright side you will be seeing a ton of new content over the next month!Deadlift Tutorial Video @ SupertrainingBench tutorial Video @ SupertrainingKelly Starrett Interviews about the future of strength coach and clinical practice and where these areas collideAnd tons of new content for WWW.Kabuk.MS Lifts this week855x6 Deadlift on Wagon Wheels225x58 Reverse Grip Bench followed by340x20 Reverse Grip Bench625x2 no Hands front squathttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsGvYOUdGMo...