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Hit an amazing super set and some awesome squatting on Monday.  But after that had to focus on some stuff with the move of my shop and my house which was quite involved and stressful to pull off in a short period of time.  In this video I talk about how I handled that and adjusted my training to match.  You will see a lot of issues with adherence to plan in regards to the training plan below.Click the image below to see the full details of my training as well as the planning approach we use.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGZ8i8obSVs...

Feeling pretty solid this week.  The trick now will be to not push it to hard or to fast and move backwards on the progress to date.  But as you can see I'm just about 100% back in action now.  This week was originally planned as a deload week but due to the the lower training while rehabbing it was changed to a transition week.  Loads remained higher the first half of the week then tapered a bit in preparation for the next week.Click the image below to see the full details of my training as well as the planning approach we use.https://youtu.be/RrgDEekptMI...

The quad rehab is coming along quite well and I was able to push things pretty hard this last week.  Not as hard as I would have liked but that would have meant no injury to begin with.  But there is not a better point I could be sitting at right now than where I am at given the recent injury.  Click the image below to see the full details over everything that has gone on in my training this week and to see how we approach the planning process.https://youtu.be/ZPEppndio8Y...

Well this week didn't go as planned starting out with an injury on an already short prep cycle.  But all you can do is go with the new flow and develop a plan of action and execute.  Here I show some of the work thats been done over the course of the week.  Below is also the training log with all details on what was done during the course of the week. https://youtu.be/oxM5TxcVLcg...

Feeling a lot more stable with my squats this last week.  Was also quite happy with all my big lifts for the week given I'm just getting back into hitting all 3 major lifts in the same week again.  I'm squatting twice, benching once, and deadlifting once, with one two accessory back days.  I still have a little bit of an issue with nagging oblique and QL strain on the left side which is likely due to the last training cycle but it is recovering quite well.  Prep time for Arnold Fit Expo is quite short but overall I'm walking around stronger than I have ever been before so I don't think I'll need to be reliant on a huge prep period.  The details of the training plan are below.https://youtu.be/2WgIkyebHd4...

Still keeping it under wraps as to exactly what I want to do in the Animal Cage at the Arnold.  But I am excited for it.  This marks the first week of training for a very short prep period.  It will also delay my 1000lb squat goal but I've got a pretty interesting plan for the year for my goals.  Ready to get moving forward on it.Below is the training plan for the week. ...

I am sure you've seen this time and time again and you've probably tried it yourself a time or 2 with the same results. You want to drop down a weight class and you want to do it all within a 12 week prep cycle. What usually happens is you drastically drop calories, throw in a bunch of unnecessary cardio just to make it happen by any means. Training starts off well and you think man this is easy I am dropping weight and getting stronger, than as the weeks go on you get smaller and smaller and more rundown. Your lifts start dropping but you are reassured everything will be ok so you keep fighting forward because at this point in time you think I don't want to gain my weight back and still be weak so I'll keep dropping to justify my weaker lifts. The meet comes you make weight, congratulations are instore and you go pig out on some breakfast and eat like a gluttonous pig because you know if you get a little bloated and put weight back on you'll be all good. Meet day is here and time and time again the lifter fails miserably and decides you know what cutting weight just is not for me, I just need to be big. So they proceed to eat like they just did a 20 week diet and as if food will no longer be around if they don't eat it all. Their weight balloons back up and they pack on way more fat than ever, but they are strong, YES!!! Exatcly what they wanted so they do their next couple meets as a bigger, stronger, and fatter lifter. Hit big numbers but ultimately decides they feel like shit and they don't like they way they...