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Who are you and what defines your identity? It is not your past, a sum of your experiences or your environment. YOU define who you are. You have the power to define ‘who you are’ and what you will be in the future.  None of your past experiences define you unless you let them, or want them to.  You can create the vision for who you choose to be in life and then work to become that.  To many people let past experiences or external factors define them. It can be productive and instructive to acknowledge and honestly evaluate your past, but when you let your past define your present and future self,  it puts a shackle around your ankle limiting your potential for growth.  Great men never allow themselves to be limited in this way. Extraordinary things have never resulted from this approach.  Visionaries shape the world we live in and you can be the visionary who shapes your life.I’ve referred to my own past experiences occasionally in recent articles, interviews, or podcast.  But this story has nothing to do with what I’ve chosen to become and who I am today.  Let me repeat that, NOTHING.  I share my story to inspire others, not to wallow in the past.  To me it feels like the story of someone else’s life at this point, almost like fiction, compared to my life today.  My upbringing living in abject poverty did not create me.  We poached animals, put water out in the sun in gallon jugs to shower, and met a lot of unsavory people through the years.  I don’t remember how many winters we spent with a family of 5 living in 16-foot trailer “down by the river.”  We moved every 2 weeks after the forest service questioned us so we appeared to...