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Kyle Young is a strength athlete, clinician, and coach at Kabuki Strength. To learn more about Kyle, you can read his bio here. To work with Kyle and our coaching staff, please head over to our coaching page and signup for a free strategy call with a coach, or signup for coaching directly.Listen up--if you have never been in a powerlifting meet but want to, or if you are about to compete in your first--if you have competed, give this top 10 a quick read and see if passing it along can help someone you know.I have competed in a lot of meets over the last 8 years, in a lot of different federations- raw, single ply, and mulit ply. From local to national and, world level meets across the country. Over this time, I have helped, handled, and coached some amazing athletes along with many entry level lifters. Beyond all of this I have dedicated hours upon hours spotting, loading, and running the platform.Why do I bring all this up? I have had the opportunity over the years to gain 3 unique prospectives to provide the advice below. I wish someone would have bestowed some of this info upon me before any of my first meets.As a coach, athlete and spotter/ loader I have seen a lot of cool things and many things that could of went better for the lifter. Now remember before we proceed to the cool stuff. This is not all you should know before showing up. No, I will not give you all of my secretes you have to pay for that!!! However, I have gained a lot of free knowledge over the years and love to give back, so I hope this helps. Please know the rules, lifting commands and if your equipment is...

Derrington Wright is a strength coach at Kabuki Strength and an elite powerlifter in the USAPL/IPF. He may be reached with comments and questions at [email protected] Staying in the same vein of my last article I’ll be giving you some tips on things you could be doing to make your setup in the squat more efficient.There is a lack of attention that is paid to how people bring the bar out of the rack. I am no exception to that and I used to be the same way.My squat form has always been decent, but I’ve never paid a lot of attention to my squat-unrack. Then I came across the quote, “If it starts badly it’s probably going to end worse”. Then it clicked; if my setup is bad my squat is likely going to be bad too (or at least not as strong and efficient as it could be). I knew the importance of breathing, bracing, foot placement etc. during the actual movement, but when it came to unracking the bar, my only thought was to get the bar out of the rack without dying. Hopefully, I can save some of you from making the same mistakes I have.Below I’m going to note a few things that I don’t think lifters focus enough on when unracking the bar: 1. Making sure the bar is set over mid foot- When people have their feet too far back, their weight tends to shift forward and over their toes. Conversely, when their feet are too far forward their weight tends to shift towards their heels. Both of these things, while seemingly subtle, and may not make you fall on your face when unracking or fall back onto the ground, will lead to unnecessary energy leakage as you are trying to stabilize yourself afterward. 2. Setting...

Conventions, different gyms, flying, driving, funerals, and yes some training as well.  I was able to get all my work in for the week which was quite challenging considering the activities for the week.  But that is how living should be done.  Met some great people, saw sights, and spent quality time with good friends.  Even got some heavy squats in which was not expected nor in the plan of the week either.Click the image below to see the full details of my training as well as the planning approach we use for myself and all our coached athleteshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FImJtlzVNQw...

Its certainly easy to let circumstances get in the way of training.  This las week I was out of town for the first half of the week and then had my kids with me at work the remainder of the week.  Despite the travel and trying to stay caught up on my busy work schedule and entertain the kids I got everything worked in for the most part.Click the image below to see the full details of my training as well as the planning approach we use for myself and all our coached athletes.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dvsHLr5LtE...