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I recently had the opportunity to speak with Brett McKay of the Art Of Manliness.  If your not familiar with this site your missing a great thing.  This site is full of articles and podcast for ALL THINGS manly related with a lot of great info on important topics that have been lost in the last few generations.

The breadth of topics is awesome and always engaging and interesting.  Primary categories include Dress & Grooming, Health & Sports, Manly Skills, Manly Skills, Money & Career, Relationship & Family, and a Man’s life.  Don’t take my word for it, just click on the link and scroll through a few articles and you will find something that catches your interest.  It is a great resource for all men and highly entertaining in a good way.

Besides posting manly topics to help curtail the emasculation of men in todays society Brett is also a lifter as well.  So I couldn’t turn away his request for an interview and podcast.  And as I expected it was a great time and I hope you enjoy it as well.  Now if only Brett and my other favorite author on Masculinity would have Squat off….

Our conversations is recorded on this Podcast.