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I knew after my last performance 3 weeks ago I had a lot more in me. So as soon as I got home I went searching the internet to find a meet. I got lucky and found a meet 5 hours away in Lynden, Wa. Only problem was I’ve never walked out a squat in wraps and it was a USPA meet so I had to learn how to do so in 2 weeks. No problem right??

I approached these next 2 weeks as a mini peak with a deload and everything felt great so i was able to push it in training and not have to worry about fixing any issues I had from the meet before. Must be all this new movement stuff I’ve been doing. I fixed my issue I had from the RPS US Open, it is amazing how one week can make a huge difference in performance but now that I know that and fixed the issue I feel extremely confident being ready for any meet in the future.

Headed up to Lynden, Wa. on Friday to make weight, I was able to eat all the way up to weigh ins and tipped the scales at 238lbs. After making weight I started eating and drinking like I normally would for a high carb refeed day. I do a quick 20 minute workout after about 3 meals down and after that I just relax and eat the rest of the day. I do the mini workout to wake the body up and to make sure the nutrients I am consuming have a place to go.


Everything felt great heading over to Flex Gym to compete, my openers were Squat 310kgs/683lbs, Bench 215kgs/474lbs, and Deadlift 300kgs/661lbs. Warm ups for squats felt great and I knew it was going to be a good day. Hit my opener of 683lbs with no problems, so I jumped up to 710lbs for my second attempt. We had a small flight so I didn’t have time to do much but roll my knee wraps, pop a few glucose tabs and go again. I had a little issue with the walkout hitting the racks but was able to pull it together and make my second attempt. Felt good and moved ok so i jumped to 727lbs for my 3rd and got that easier than my 2nd attempt. Ended squats 3 for 3 with a 22lbs PR.

After squats were finished I knew it was going to be a long but fun day. Ate some food and got off my feet for a bit. Warming up for bench was good and ended my last warm up with 445lbs. Took my owner of 474lbs and moved it pretty nicely, but knew I should make a conservative jump instead of 501lbs I went with a number I was confident in hitting and went to 496lbs. I know it doesn’t seem like much but when you are at near maximal weights albs can feel like 50lbs. Hit the 496lbs but it moved slow but steady, so I figured if I can be a little more aggressive I can make 507lbs happen. Well I quickly found out that 500lbs was not in the cards for the day and ended my bench 2 for 3 with a 496lbs bench and a 22lbs PR. DSC02125
Normally I go into deadlifts not knowing what to expect but I felt really confident after my pulls have started to click in training. I knew I had a big PR in me today. Warm ups all went great and ended with a 635lbs for my last warm up. Took 661lbs for my opener which is 6lbs less than my all time PR, moved it smooth and easily, I knew I need 683lbs to lock in my 1900lbs total so that was my second attempt and it moved great as well. I wanted 705lbs so thats what I took and it moved slow but it was a steady slow and I was able to keep a good position to finish the lift strong and ended 3 for 3 on pulls with 705lbs and a 39lbs PR.

I ended the day with a 1929lbs total at 242lbs and took 1st place and best overall lifter. Very pleased with this meet and has built a tremendous amount of confidence going into my offseason and into my next meet. Can’t say enough good things about the meet and all the competitors. Lifting and meeting new people is a huge reason why I love traveling and lifting. Now onto a long offseason to build up my weak areas and have my eyes set on a 200olbs total by the end of the year.