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Virtual Coaching

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An Entire Team of Coaches

One of the most unique features of our Virtual Coaching solution is having all of our staffed coaches in house. While many online coaching companies employ coaches in varying geographic locations, 100% of our coaches work under the same roof. This affords us (and you) opportunities far beyond traditional remote coaching services. One of which is our weekly Team Review meeting. As a team, we sit down and discuss client’s movement videos, programs, and areas of opportunity a single pair of eyes might have scanned over. Through this entire process the assigned coach will be your primary point of contact to assure clean and consisted communication and follow through. We all bring something a little different to the table and we love being able to bounce ideas off one another in real time. This is not only a commitment to ensuring that we put our best foot forward, but also create and foster the best environment to learn and grow as a coaching staff.

Movement Mastery

When we approach the training process we view it globally. There are many complex systems that integrate to complete a training program. One of the pillars of our Virtual Coaching solution is pursuing complete control of human movement. We aren’t talking about simply throwing a few cues at you and sending you on your way. This involves a thorough assessment process which includes diving into previous injury history, identifying high risk movements, reviewing training footage (in our Team Review), and building a plan to get you pain free and moving the way you were intended to. Ultimately, we strive to come away from the assessment process with a complex understanding of your history and current needs. The movement plan is far from static. Just like the training plan, you will receive updates based on your progress. You will be assigned pre-training and off day movement prep drills with soft tissue mobilizations included. You also receive a free membership to Kabuki.MS.

Velocity and Data Based Training

Every athlete has a story to tell. Not in the sense of storytelling, but from a platform of individual differences. It’s true, human DNA is 99.5% identical. We all adapt very similarly when exposed to stress. But the things that separate us when the training plan is concerned are goals, experience, stress tolerance, injury history, psyche, commitment, morphological development, health, and physical acclimation. With all these differences, we must control as much actionable data as possible. Our training logs are housed in excel and pack a robust ‘matrix’ that collects and sorts your training data. This is far beyond sets x reps x load = volume. We collect 36 (and that number is growing) unique data points organized to easily view and analyze trends in progress and performance. We have also pioneered the use of velocity as an objective marker for autoregulation. We use every tool at our disposal when it comes to the development of our athletes.

Our Virtual Coaching Staff

Our coaches practice what they preach. As competitive athletes, they’ve been in the trenches training, competing, and fighting for strength day-in and day-out. It isn’t just about being athletes however. Each coach is a part of our team because they bring the best combination of knowledge, drive, and a deep desire for personal development. Above anything else they are passionate about providing a high-level of service to their athletes. Rest assured, you will be in good hands with our coaches.

Brandon Senn

Director of Coaching and Performance

Brandon heads up the coaching department at Kabuki Strength and is the creator of the systems we use to train and develop athletes. Brandon is actively pioneering the way coaches and athletes use data and autoregulation (specifically velocity) in their training. Among these roles, Brandon is also a very accomplished coach having handled Chris’s training since 2015 as well as 3 separate ALL-TIME world record holders.

Chris Duffin

Coaching Consultant

Chris is the co-founder of Kabuki Strength and along with Head Coach Senn, is the founder of our training methodologies and philosophies. Besides working in a head engineer role for the equipment side of the company, Chris also acts as a consultant for the virtual coaching department and is involved in all team review and client review meetings.

Cassandra La Madrid

Virtual Coach

Cassandra has been passionate in the health and fitness field for almost 10 years with extensive educational background in the field, experience as a personal trainer/CrossFit coach, as well as a competitive powerlifter and strongwoman. Cassandra strives to continually grow her knowledge in the health and fitness field to contribute in bridging the gap between rehab and fitness performance. Between a career in clinical work and grand goals as a powerlifting and strongwoman competitor, her coaching reflects how to live better through movement and strength.

Derrington Wright

Virtual Coach

I’m a powerlifting, strongman and anything athletic type of guy. As much as my main thing is powerlifting, my main goal is to be athletic and strong. I usually spend my days lifting, and if I’m not lifting then I’m usually coaching someone who lifts. My main goal as far as lifting is the big 1800lb total at 205! As a coach, I just want to be able to help everyone live a stronger and healthier life. I’m very excited to take that journey with the Kabuki team!

Coaching Tailored for Success

We believe the coaching of physical development involves much more than a spreadsheet with the exercises/sets/reps to be accomplished that week. We see our coaching process as a functional symphony of movement efficiency, program design, skilled coaching, and good ol’ fashioned hard work.

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Be Part of a Team

The Kabuki Strength team is comprised of skilled coaches and athletes with the common goal of physical development. Join us and become part of the strongest, most supportive team around.


Be in constant two-way contact with your coach. Our coaches are committed to timely and efficient communication. We promote transparency and strive to become the best resource possible for you.


We are pioneering the way strength coaches use technology. As a leader in velocity based training, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of technological performance advancement.

100% For You

We start with a blank canvas with every incoming athlete. Each training program we build has hours of time committed to producing the best product possible specific to your needs.

New Client Onboarding Process

Our on-boarding process for new clients is simple and straightforward. After purchasing the required hardware and reserving your spot on the roster, you will be sent a questionnaire and upon completion be contacted for your intake Skype call. Then the fun begins!

Reserve your spot on our coaching roster!


Sign Up

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Complete Questionnaire

Spend some time telling us about you. Be thorough and take as much time as you need. This will be a document we reference through your entire training stay with us.


Schedule Call

Once you submit your client intake form you will be contacted by our Head Coach to schedule an intake Skype call. In this call, we will go through your questionnaire together and aim to come away with a more complex understanding of your needs.



Once we complete steps 1-3 your coach will get to work curating your training plan and movement assessment. You will be sent all necessary documents and be on the road to pursuing your goals under the watchful eyes of your Kabuki Strength Coach.

Common Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we receive about our virtual coaching services. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out and email us at coaching@kabukistrength.com.

Upon completing your on-boarding documents you will be assigned a coach who best fits your needs. If there is a specific coach you would like to work with you may include that information in your initial questionnaire.

VBT stands for ‘Velocity Based Training’. This is a training methodology that uses the objective variable of velocity to determine the load an athlete should use. Velocity isn’t the only auto-regulatory variable we use, but it is the primary one used in main movements.

The primary means of communication with your coach will be via email. Skype calls may be setup pre-competition and as otherwise needed. Your coach will also learn a lot about you by viewing your training data housed in our robust Excel training log matrix. We are incredibly dedicated to the communication process with our athletes and as such have a committed 24-hour turnaround time when receiving and sending training updates.

Training plans are built in our powerful Excel training logs. You will be emailed training updates at the end of each written block of training. Each training block is between 1-4 weeks. Updates may still be sent weekly even if training is written further out.

Virtual Coaching services are $250 per month. You will only be charged after your on-boarding call when coaching begins. During the wait period between signup and client on-boarding, you will not be charged!

As part of our training package we build custom movement plans for each of our athletes. These plans come with specific prep work for the primary lifts and off day movement drills. Along with the movement plan, our coaches will view and give weekly critiques on submitted training footage.

At face value, this is an impossible question for us to answer. We take immense pride in the development of our athletes and as such, each training plan is built from the ground up. We do not deal in cooking cutter programs or assign multiple athletes to one program. This is a truly individualized solution that accounts for your current needs and long term development.

Chris does not directly handle any athletes, but is available as a coaching consultant and is heavily active in our client review process. Even though Chris doesn’t directly handle athletes, he is still available for 1 on 1 Skype calls with current clients.

We currently do not offer a nutrition product with our Virtual Coaching service. Our coaches are available to give direction and advice on nutrition (including weight cuts) but we do not write out full plans. We are interested in offering nutrition as a standalone or an add on product in the future however.

We work with a huge variety of individuals. We have multiple Powerlifting All-Time world record holders and 100% novice lifters on our coaching roster. Our service is not just for competitive athletes either! We believe in supporting anyone interested in physical development.

Reserve your spot on our coaching roster!
Reserve your spot on our coaching roster now! 
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