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Virtual Movement Assessment


One-Time Purchase. Please fill out your client intake form (link in email) after purchase.

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What is a Virtual Movement Assessment?

Kabuki Strength Movement Coaching provides you with an individualized movement plan to prep your body for loaded movements. This individualized plan is based off your training history, strength goals, and technique assessment.

This coaching service provides technique and movement assessment, typically submitted to your assigned coach in the form of recent training footage. If barbell lifts are not possible, we will request specific assessments. We’ll take the information gathered in your intake form and training footage and create your initial movement plan.

The Kabuki Strength Movement Plan will include links to our private video library, descriptions of each drill, how often and how much if each drill to perform, and strategies for long term improvement. After one week of implementing drills, cues, and technique suggestions, you will book a live virtual coaching session to have real time coaching during your training.


What does it involve?

  • Full Athlete Assessment: We’ll review your technique and provide you with corrective cues and strategies for long term improvement. After creation and implementation of your initial Kabuki Strength Movement Plan, you will have a 1-on-1 LIVE virtual coaching for 1-2 hours depending on what we need to work through.
  • Corrective Exercises: We’ll teach you how to perform drills correctly to improve your mechanics and adjust your technique to get the most out of your leverages and carry over into your loaded movement.
  • Strategies for Long Term Improvement: Once we finish up your session we’ll send you a final revised KS Movement Prep, as well as strategies for continued long term improvement. If you decide to pursue Weekly coaching we’ll put the cost of this Kabuki Strength Movement Plan towards your first month of coaching.

Phase 1:

  • Submission of training footage to your assigned Kabuki Strength Coach.
  • Client Call to discuss Client Intake Form, Initial Training Footage Assessment.
  • Creation of initial Kabuki Strength Movement Plan.

Phase 2:

  • Virtual 1-on-1 Coaching Session, after one week of implementing your Kabuki Strength Movement Plan in your current training. Through Zoom, your Kabuki Strength Coach will coach you through one training session.
  • Final modifications to KS Movement Prep and strategies for long term improvement.


Who is this service good for?

  • Competitive or recreational athletes looking for technique refinement in their strength training and barbell lifts.
  • Competitive and recreational athletes seeking individualized prep drills for training days, active recovery days, and/or non-training days.
  • Individuals returning to “play” following injury and rehabilitation.
  • Any individual at any level of strength training seeking guidance to learn technique and improve kinesthetic awareness for barbell and strength training.

Our coaching staff has the ability to assess exercise and human movement for areas needing refinement and seek to coach individuals in the field of strength training. Our coaching staff does not diagnose injury or provide injury rehabilitative services. Please seek out the appropriate medical attention for an injury you may be experiencing to receive professional medical diagnosis.