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The following video is an excerpt from a podcast I did for the SuperStrengthShow early this year.  This podcast has really resonated with a lot of listeners so a teaser video was put together with an excerpt of an answer to one of my questions.  While this was an off the cuff discussion for and not done with any preparation; I articulates my views and how I live my life to achieve success in all avenues.  My approach to these three things is how I took myself (and much of my family) from utter poverty.  From a family of 6 living on $5,000 a year and often homeless and living in the woods growing up to successful business executive & world class athlete.  While growing and building a family and a future for that family.

These are three things that you can put to use in some part of your life TODAY that will yield results if executed properly.

You can listen to the full Podcast on the Super Strength Show.